Thank You Keystone!

I had severe tooth pain before coming to Keystone and did not have the money for a regular dentist visit. After one visit to Keystone, my pain is gone and my teeth are getting better. Thank You Keystone!

Victoria B.

I can smile again…

Before coming to Keystone Dental, I had a hard time smiling. But after having my teeth worked on, I smile a lot more and my family has even said I am a different person. I will always be grateful to Keystone Dental for helping me.

Sammy M.

Very thankful for Keystone Dental

Living on a fixed income, I can not afford regular dental care. After developing some minor pain in my teeth, I heard about Keystone Dental Clinic and applied for service. I was accepted and on my first visit, had some cavities filled. I have to go back again for more work but the cost is so low for the amount of work they are doing, it has been a God send. Thanks to all the people at Keystone Clinic for all that you do for the people in the community.

Sandra K.

No more pain!

Until you have a bad toothache, it is hard to understand how painful it can be. I suffered with terrible pain for over two weeks until a visit to Keystone Dental Clinic. The dentist pulled my bad tooth and the pain went away. He also gave me information on taking better care of my teeth. This clinic really helped me and I am very grateful.

Robert C.

Very Impressed with Keystone

Having been to many different clinics (because of my income level), I wasn’t sure what to expect at the Keystone Dental Clinic. I have to say I was very impressed with their professionalism and the quality of the work they do there. I had some issues with my teeth and Keystone took care of the X-rays to find out what I needed done. After a few hours, my cavities were filled and I was given information on how to take better care of what teeth I have left so I don’t have to get dentures later (hopefully). I was also very pleased with the amount they charged as I couldn’t afford to pay very much. I understand that many of the dentists and staff donate their time to help the poorer people in our community and I want to thank them for what they do. They are making a difference in those that have to come to a clinic like Keystone Dental. Thanks again.

Pattie J.